1. P

    Question Save dynamically created button permanently to the form.

    Public Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click 'some code Dim MyButton As New Button() With MyButton .Location = New Point(12, 12) .Size = New Size(75, 30) .TabIndex = 0 .Text = TextBox1.Text...
  2. R

    Question declare BindingSource component at run time with sql database

    I had made a simple app before in which there were two text fields and the BindingSource component was used to fill those fields with data on form load from ms sql server and eventually bind those fields with sql database. but now what i want is that the user tells the sql file name on run...
  3. D

    Resolved Restrict Component Code to Runtime Only

    Hi Board. This is my first post here. I've been working with Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition for about 1 year now, so I'm not all too experienced, I'd be glad if you could give a detailed answer if possible. Here's my problem. I have developed a class extension for the TabControl which hides...
  4. A

    Question Help with Richtextbox and Link Label Properties!

    I need help help with richtextbox and linklabel properties, please answer my question (following, in points) with a lot of detail because i'm really new to VB.NET... LINKLABEL, WHICH IS THE DEFAULT PROPERTY TO HOLD A LINK IN VB? I MEAN AS "TEXT" IS THE PROPERTY TO HOLD THE DISPLAY TEXT, WHAT...
  5. S

    Datagridview keeps adding unwanted new column

    Hi all.... if anyone can help me with this i would be very greatfull! Im using VB08 Express Edition I have simply made a new project (windows form application). Put 2 dataviewgrids on the form. Added 3 columns to each grid (at design time). I then added one line of code as follows to the rows...
  6. D

    Question Form design at runtime

    Hey guys- I have a question regarding the manipulation of a form at runtime. Let's say I created a simple form in the form designer before runtime containing a couple of buttons, text boxes and labels. While the program is running, I would like to change properties of these controls, while...
  7. T

    Question How to change Chart attributes - RDLC - at runtime

    I am new to .net. I have created a RDLC containing a barchart. I am trying to change the attributes - like Chart Title, y-axis scale etc. based on the data that is pulled by the recordset. I am not sure how to do this. If any of you have any solutions please let me know.
  8. asegal0000

    Question Can you get the Video Length of a file?

    Is there a way to get the video length (ie runtime) of a video file (AVI) like the properties page of the file will show? Using Dot Net 3.0, 3.5
  9. C

    Question How do import .NET libraries at runtime?

    Hi there, I am developing a plugin for an application which means I have to import a library into my library at runtime. The library is a .NET dynamic link library and I need to be able to use the structures/methods it houses within my application (plugin library). How would I go about doing...