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    Question RTF in DataGridView

    Hi all, I made a custom column that can read RTF so that colors and fonts can be used. Now that this is done, I encountered a problem. The rows in this datagridview can be minimized (standardheight) or maximized (height of the text in the rtf cell). But when using different fonts in this rtf...
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    RichTextBox insert spaces

    I have a situation where I have a report generated by a CAD application. It's plain text. The report comes out on landscape letter size paper. I need to format the report and insert a gap 15 charaters wide so the report can have whols punched down the center so it can go into a small field...
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    Convert PDF to Word document formats with Aspose.Recognition

    What’s new in this release? Aspose.Recognition for .NET has come out of Beta and its first commercial release has been announced supporting many new features. You can download Aspose.Recognition to evaluate improved performance of converting PDF files to Word document formats. More about...
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    Open or save documents in DOCX and DOCM formats with Aspose.Editor

    What’s new in this release? Aspose.Editor v3.0 now supports importing or exporting documents in DOCX and DOCM formats. This new release combines other advanced features also like: Inserting tables, render shading and borders and customizing client editor control by plug-in modules. More about...
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    Convert PDF to word processing documents with Aspose.Recognition for .NET

    Aspose has launched a new file format component: Aspose.Recognition for .NET Aspose.Recognition for .NET is yet another new file format component which is newly launched by Aspose. Now you can convert PDF files to almost all Word Processing Document formats. About Aspose.Recognition for .NET...
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