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    Question Run-time video editing

    Hello! First, thank you for reading my question. I am facing a problem and i need your help. I need to figure out how to do the next: 1- take the image coming from the webcam (input). 2- Split it to 2 partes (equally). 3- take a copy of one parte (it doesn't matter wiche parte). 4-...
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    Image rotation in a picturebox.

    Hi, I am making a game which requires the rotation of a .gif image within a picturebox. At the moment, I have programmed the form so that when the right arrow key is pressed, the image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. However, after coding this event, nothing happens at all. Here is my code...
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    2D Tank Game Development

    Hi, I am relatively new to the world of VB.NET programming and so I would much appreciate any help on the following subject: I have been asked to create my own version of a currently popular online game called tank trouble; visit the following link to play the game: TANK TROUBLE Tank Game...