1. D

    Question text file parse to xml questions

    Here is my problem I'm trying to solve: I have a robot which via a serial connection passes the following data which I log in hyperterminal into a txt file: +++ASP:273,THH:0,RLL:0,PCH:0,*** +++ASP:37,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:2,*** +++ASP:27,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,*** +++ASP:19,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,***...
  2. G

    control another application

    I have a file with the following fields productnumber and newprice. I need to make a robot which can do the following tasks programatically open an 3rd party Internet application with explorer, fill user name and password, press enter, select product modification button , type the...