1. K

    Question Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Am trying to remove this error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object - what causes this error? ''''' Remove words in Angle Brackets Private Function GetWordWithOutBracketedText(SelectedReplacement As String) As String ' check if the selected...
  2. K

    Question Dictionaries not being searched well

    I have a problem with searching Dictionaries in my program. If I begin a search with Dictionary 0, the search does not look for all possible matches completely in the RichTextBox, but skips to the next Dictionary. How can I solve this? I have created a video of how this problem is happening...
  3. S

    Question RichTextBox Highlighting Undo

    I have a small problem which I hope you can help me with I have a RichTextBox which contains a small amount of text entered by the user I have written the code to highlight certain words as they are being entered, similar to syntax highlighting The problem is that the RichTextBox undo history...
  4. J

    Answered selecting text in richtextbox which is underlined

    So how do we do it? Text is like - hello vb dotnet forums !! you guys are the best coderz On a button click i want to first select "vb dotnet forums" and on next click immediately select "are the best" (in a richtextbox control) . Iam not getting any idea as to how to proceed. Any help would...
  5. D

    Question RTF in DataGridView

    Hi all, I made a custom column that can read RTF so that colors and fonts can be used. Now that this is done, I encountered a problem. The rows in this datagridview can be minimized (standardheight) or maximized (height of the text in the rtf cell). But when using different fonts in this rtf...
  6. U

    2 questions related to listbox and richtextbox

    I'm working on a program in vb2010. A while ago I've created the same program in Delphi 2009, but wanted to use vb 2010 instead, so I try to recreate the same program in vb 2010. Most of the things I was able to solve, but I run into 2 problems. Let me first explain what the program does in a...
  7. korenani

    Creating Paragraph Styles of text in window forms text controls ?

    Hi, I am really at lost here. I am trying to build a NOTEPAD/WORDPAD like application with on visual studio 2008. I need an option to define and choose (MsWord, or CSS like) paragraphs styles, such as: "heading1", "green quotes", etc. I've been looking everywhere for examples and...
  8. A

    Question Help with Richtextbox and Link Label Properties!

    I need help help with richtextbox and linklabel properties, please answer my question (following, in points) with a lot of detail because i'm really new to VB.NET... LINKLABEL, WHICH IS THE DEFAULT PROPERTY TO HOLD A LINK IN VB? I MEAN AS "TEXT" IS THE PROPERTY TO HOLD THE DISPLAY TEXT, WHAT...
  9. P

    RichTextBox insert spaces

    I have a situation where I have a report generated by a CAD application. It's plain text. The report comes out on landscape letter size paper. I need to format the report and insert a gap 15 charaters wide so the report can have whols punched down the center so it can go into a small field...