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    Need some help with a suspend and resume question please :)

    I am currently teaching a programming class and I am totally new to the VB Net world. I have a student who completed a suspend and resume assignment in the delegates and events unit. I've copied the work below. He has the threads working so they suspend and resume in the proper order but...
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    Pausing and Resuming Download

    Hi, I created a downloader which works pretty fine. I would like to implement the possibility to pause and resume the download. How can I do that? I have been looking around and found that it is possible to do with webrequest add range. I just can't figure out how to deal with with. I checked...
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    VBscript doesnt return error, but returns

    Ok, here is the problem, in vbscript, i was reading parts of streams i.e. teststrid = left (strLine,8) teststrnm =rtrim( mid (strLine,15,30)) teststrx = mid (strLine,57,8) teststr = left (strLine,3) strFormcode = left (strLine, 10) strSymmetrycode = left (strLine,14)...