1. C

    Edit Resources In EXE

    So I have A Stub in my resources its called stub.exe I want to add code.txt to the stub.exe without corrupting it, how may I do this?
  2. T

    Loading an html file in a webBrowser

    I am trying to load an html file in my resources folder using the webBrowser;however, I can't find out what the code is for this. I have been searching online for the past few hours and cannot seem to find anything.This is what I currently have that works but I want to load the page so that the...
  3. G

    Silverlight Testing Resources

    I tried to compile a bunch of Silverlight testing resources in a single blog post: Silverlight Testing Resources: A SmartBear Guide for Testers Most of the links are SmartBear tutorials and videos on the topic of Silverlight testing, but there are also other references related to the topic...
  4. duckhouse

    Question Program Crashes Yet No Error Message

    Hey Forum I am using VB.NET Framework 3.5 . I have a very complicated program with over 40 forms and 100s of lines of coding. Earlier today, this program worked perfectly. I decided to change the Assembly Name from APA to Salamander. I do not get any errors and things seem to be going fine...
  5. J

    Write to Resources

    Hello there :) I have made this installation program and everything work just fine, but I wish to improve it a little. Atm. all the files being installed is in a seperate folder, and the installation program simply move them to the right location. - There is a builder program too I would like...
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