resource embedding

  1. P

    Question unable to copy embedded resources to disk when using codedom

    I am running the below code to copy embedded resource to disk at run time in the application which works fine (the embedded resource file is added in the project resources folders and set as embedded resource in the properties): Public Function CopyResourceToDisk(ByVal ResourceName As...
  2. mond007

    How to Store Multiple Images in the Visual Studio Application Import to Resources ?

    Hi I have spent quite some time developing a Maintenance application. See the following link if need be. I am now at the point where I need to know how to store hundreds of images within the Application...

    Web Gallery Creator

    Hi this is a basic but good looking web gallery creator and contains codes relating to embedding resources like images and other files. Give it a try!! hope u like it technical specs : vs2010 and .net 4.0(client)