1. E

    Question Slow Loop needs speeding up

    Hi all, hopefully one of you will be able to speed this thing up for me, I have two datagrids, one stores the details of people aka dgvpeople and the other stores the groups aka dgvgroups. by selecting rows within the dgvpeople and then adding to group it will save these to the group cell which...
  2. M

    Noob question about Do While and For Next Loops

    Hi, I have to create an application that prompts the user to enter today's sales for five stores. The program should then display a simple bar graph comparing each store's sales. Create each bar in the bar graph by displaying a row of asterisks (*) in a list box. Each asterisk in a bar...
  3. M

    about email validation

    Hi I have to make a basic program that: Create a program with a simple interface that 1. Asks the user type his/her email address into a textbox. 2. When the user clicks the "Evaluate Email Address" button, one of two message boxes pops up: "That is a valid email address!" with an...
  4. ent_ttu

    Custom ListBox not being added to form

    I'm new to VB, and am having trouble with yet another thing... I'm using 2005 and MS access. Problem overview: I have a list of people in a database table that I want to put into a listbox, with a pre-determined person (the current value) already highlighted. I need to do this on...