1. luca89

    Question Unable to populate RDLC from DataSet

    I manually created a DataSet with a DataTable inside. I would to add with the code values to columns in this DataTable and show them in a Report. But I get different errors. In my RDLC file I have a DataSource named `companyReportBudget` and a Dataset named `Report`. This dataset has...
  2. K

    Error printing of RDLC Report

    I'm using the RDLC report in VB.Net 2015. In report design -> Report properties, I set Paper size = A4, Width = 21cm, Height = 29.7cm, Top = Left = Right = Bottom = 2cm. In Body Properties, I set Width = 17cm (= 21 - 2 - 2) and place the controls in the design area. However, when the...
  3. G

    Question reports does not show external image

    I have the following code to generate a report. The external images only shows a red x. After three days of trying everything I am about to give up as I have tried many suggestions. None are working. Dim path As String = "file:///" &...
  4. B

    Question crystal report

    how can i create a report where users can select data to be printed?thanks
  5. 1

    Question Creating a simple rdlc report (without a database)

    Hello everyone, I have tried searching this forum, and everywhere else, before posting this and have not been able to find an answer. I would like to create a simple rdlc report that displays some static text. That's it. Well, my final project will be a bit more complex but I need to start...
  6. Andrew-Savin

    Stimulsoft Reports 2011.1: Good reports - Business Reliability

    Business today is built on long-term planning, pragmatism and an exact calculation. Professionals, aimed at success, do not allow wasting money and time and initially choose the proper reporting system. (Stimulsoft) April, 04 2011. Stimulsoft Company announces a new version 2011.1 of...
  7. S

    Question Functions work only if form is run directly (non-MDI)

    Hi all, I have this weird issue: I developed an application with a sequence like this: login form -> mainform (=mdi parent) --> some functionform (mdi-child)--> report form The reportform contains a reportviewer and will display different dataset queries depending on the state of some radio...
  8. Andrew-Savin

    Stimulsoft Simple Tabular Report using Business Objects

    <p>Stimulsoft reporting provides a set of powerful reporting tools for Microsoft Visual Studio .net 2008 and 2010; these tools are available for windows forms as well as web forms. They provide many useful features such as an easy to use report designer and native support for exporting to...
  9. tgf-47

    Question I'm having problems loading a 2nd report into reportvierwiewer

    I have 2 reports in my project. That is 2 normal microsoft reports. In reportviewer1, my first report is set to be the default report "rptOne.rdlc" I want to add a button to my form that when clicked "rptTwo.rdlc" gets loaded and displayed in reportviewer1. I have tried this, but with...
  10. tgf-47

    Question Crystal Report HyperLink Problem, Please help

    I'm having trouble linking from my crystal report. I want to link to new forms in the project from data in the Crystal report and can't seen to find a way to do it... Any help would be appreciated.
  11. B

    Question Help !!! SessionId from report using VB code

    Hi all, I have created a report and in properties code, I have written following VB code to find out the sessionId of current session: Public Function getSessionId() As String Dim sessionId As String sessionId = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session.SessionID Return...