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  1. Andrew-Savin

    Stimulsoft Reports.Net version 2009.1 released. Expanding potential.

    Stimulsoft Company announces the release of Stimulsoft Reports.Net v2009.1 reporting tool – fully functional solution for data processing. The version 2009.1 provides unquestionable advantages for developers. The potential is expanded by means of the following changes: - Two new exports are...
  2. Andrew-Savin

    Stimulsoft Reports.Web report generator. Start is declared!

    Stimulsoft today announces Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2008.2 a major official release of the first and unique report writer for Web. Stimulsoft Reports.Web is the first fully functional report generator which allows users to create, edit, save, and export reports directly in Web. It's remarkable...
  3. Perpetuum Software Team

    Evaluate the first reporting component for Silverlight!

    September 18, 2008 – Russia – Barnaul --- Perpetuum Software LLC announces immediate availability of Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight (Preview), the first software component empowering your Silverlight applications with reliable and feature-rich reporting. Report Sharp-Shooter is a flexible...
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