1. Sponge_Over

    Question Nested Repeater

    I am trying, very unsuccessfully, to create a nested repeater. The problem is that all the tutorials I have tried use one table for the parent repeater and one table for the child repeater. I need to use one table for the parent repeater and two tables that are joined together for the child...
  2. B

    Repeater or Datagrid? Which is the best to use?

    I would like to create dynamically, a new row on my webpage for every object in my collection of objects... (these objects represent a select number services running on the local machine) In this row I would like two buttons (start & stop) and some labels showing the current status of these...
  3. C

    VB Form Equivalent to Nested Repeaters

    Hi All, this is my first post so please go easy on me! I'm trying to convert an website to a application. It's my first go with so please try and make any responses as simple as possible. On my website I have a page that uses nested repeaters. The data source is a dataset...
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