1. E

    Socket Multiple Connection

    hey all , I wish to send message to multiple computers (LAN network). each computer in lab is running the server except one computer which is the client. problem : once message has been sent to first computer , the client stops to send to other computers. CLIENT : Dim ip As String Dim i As...
  2. A

    Remote SQL Connection

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if I posted this in the right area but here goes. I want to connect to a SQL Database remotely located on my website (eg. and this is the code I am using Imports System.Data.SqlClient Private Sub OK_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
  3. M

    Ftp Control and Class Library

    hi, I just built a new ftp control and class library in 2008. It might be helpful for applications with ftp functionality. Link: Looking for your comments. Thanks.
  4. leemchildress

    Question Remote Browser History

    I work for the IT department in a government entity and we have a problem with employees constantly going out on the internet to sites and downloading viruses. Certain law enforcement departments need full access to the internet so filtering their access isn't the answer. When someone contacts...
  5. M

    what is the Connectionstring for remote server....

    hello....... hi guyz.... somebody knows about this.... I want to know how to save data on a remote server.... and for code, what is the connection string...???? thanks for any reply...:):):):):)
  6. R

    application with online database

    I have to develop a database application in 2005 with the following rules 1. The application connects with an online mysql database (i.e database resides on a remote machine) 2. The application has no local database but it should have a local cache to stores new records and the changes...
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