regular expressions

  1. S

    .NET Regular Expression Regex Query

    Hi there, I need some assistance with a regex pattern. What I am trying to do is filter files based on a regex expression What the expression needs to do is find files that do not start with [f-z]\d{5} but do end in \.(dat|set) I did try [^[f-z]\d{5}]\.(dat|set) but unfortunately it did not...
  2. jessethebuilder

    Question Struggles with Regular Expressions

    I am writing an object to deal with state names. Sometimes I get the 2 letter abbreviation, and sometimes I get the full name. So I am trying to write an object that lets me deal with either. But I have a RegEx problem that I have been on for too long, and I'm stumped. Imports System.Text...
  3. VBobCat

    Question Testing number of digits with Regular Expressions

    I have to test a string that must match this pattern: any number of digits, a slash, and two or four digits, but not three (it is a year). So I'm using this boolean expression: System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(texto, "^\d+/\d{2,4}$") And Not...
  4. D

    Regex for case insensitive registry search

    Hi, I've recently learnt that Regex class maybe used to develop case insensitive searches. I have a registry search program that will return only the exact matches from the registry. I need to make it case insensitive. Can you guide me how to do that using regular expressions in 2005. Im...
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