1. Z

    Question Modify linking tags after analyzing some data in a file

    I want to make a program which will look for a expression <disp-formula id="deqn(\d+)-(\d+)"> in files and if there is one or more match, then it will search the whole file for expressions in the form <xref ref-type="disp-formula" rid="deqnX">(X)</xref> or <xref ref-type="disp-formula"...
  2. jessethebuilder

    Question Struggles with Regular Expressions

    I am writing an object to deal with state names. Sometimes I get the 2 letter abbreviation, and sometimes I get the full name. So I am trying to write an object that lets me deal with either. But I have a RegEx problem that I have been on for too long, and I'm stumped. Imports System.Text...