1. J

    Question Reference to a non-shared member requires reference?

    Can somebody help me with this super simple VB question? <link removed by moderator>
  2. T

    Question Unresolved problem in creating instance of a HtmlElement object?

    I have created a HtmlElementCollection and am using a FOR statement in order to filter the HtmlElements until one is found thats OuterText property contains "Article". Private Sub ScrollToElement() If (chooseBrowser.Document IsNot Nothing) Then Dim elements As HtmlElementCollection =...
  3. N

    Question Object Equality

    This is probably going to sound like a question from somebody who just started programming last week, but since I have never really needed the answer before, I never bothered to figure it out. I have a Do loop that I want to exit once it goes through without making any changes to an object I...
  4. K

    Question DLL wrapper (pass through reference)

    I have a set of 3rd party DLLs that I would like to simplify for internal use by creating a wrapper class. Is there a way to do this so that the final application that uses my wrapper DLL does not have to set a reference to the 3rd party DLLs directly? I want to be able to use inhertiance in my...
  5. X

    Question Adding .dlls and .exes to my installation

    In my project, I've made reference to a .dll file (which was compiled through visual studio, and is currently marked as a reference). Having added it as a reference, when I compile my program into a setup file, will it include the .dll. Secondly, I have run a process off an installed program on...
  6. C

    TX Text Control Developer Overview Reference Card

    TX Text Control is currently creating new graphical overview diagrams of the TX Text Control API. This first graphic is a general overview of TX Text Control in the well known Microsoft style. It gives developers a quick overview of the functionality, supported IDEs or platforms. Download as...
  7. S

    please help with login error

    Hello Im trying to create a login page which accesses a mysql database I keep getting this error: reference to a non shared member requires an object reference heres the line of code : Dim reader As System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader = New...
  8. B

    Question Null reference exception??

    I have written a CLR stored procedure which I call through code in MS Access. It throws a Null Reference Exception. I guess it must be due to one of two variables I use inside the CLR procedure, for both of which the Refactor gives me a message 'Variable is used before it has been assigned a...
  9. Robert_Zenz

    Setting a reference to variable

    Hello. I want to set a reference to a variable similar to ByRef. I'm using some global objects which are declared in each form like Private myObj as Obj = GlobaleConstant.bla.globObj. The problem is, this is copying the momentary value of the object and is not setting a 'real' reference. Does...
  10. JohnH

    FYI download full MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008

    Download details: MSDN Library for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Express and Standard edition users doesn't have this by default. For those that want to learn more than the MSDN Express selections and appreciate the fast local lookups over browsing MSDN online. Remember to uninstall MSDN Express 2008...
  11. B

    Question Web Application "Sub-Projects," VS 2005 External web.config reference?

    Pardon if I'm a little vague here, but the programs I am developing are for internal use and I can't get into any specific detail about what they are or what they do. First a little background: We have a web project which is considered the "root" application, that is, it is deployed at the...
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