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    Question Recursive CTE Solution

    I'm having trouble wrapping my head around Recursive CTE's in SQL Server. My dataset (simplified version below for copy/paste) is a large table containing hundreds of thousands of chains. Each chain is made up of a number of components, linked together in a specific order for each chain. I've...
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    Recursive file searching

    Hi. I have some code which recursively searches for files on a folder. The problem is I want it to change a boolean value once it has completed. I don't mean once it gets to the end of the sub, I mean once it's literally finished. I had to code it the way it is otherwise I would have gotten...
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    Question Download FTP folder recursively (in order to download sub-folders)

    Hello everyone. I humbly seek your help on downloading an entire folder and sub-directories from FTP. I have snippet that helps download a single file or folder but not sub-directories of the folder. It uses the FTP-Client DLL. Can anyone kindly review this snippet and add-up the code for...
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    Question Recursive searching

    ok so basicly ive been attempting to make an application in wich the user puts a file path into a textbox and then clicks a button and the all the subdirectories adn the subdirectories of the subdirectories of the subdirectories etc... are added to a listbox below. It all seems to be working...
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