1. jlcruzAME

    Moving Through Gridview

    Currently I have a page that pulls data out of a table into a gridview. One of the columns is a check box where they mark entries for completion. When they've marked all the entries they need, they click on a submit button that, at the moment, processes all the checked entries at once. Is...
  2. B

    Question How to make my filter can navigate through my data

    I converted a program from vb6 to, I used a propertybag to clone my recordsets and after I would filter them to navigate threw my data and then show the result in a gridview, but I have a problem in with my filter. In vb6 the program would go through my data, but in .net it stays...
  3. E

    Question Images / Datagrid

    Perhaps an easier question, What event triggers when I move from one record to the next using the bindingnavigator control? Good day to you all, I am trying to create an application that is similar to a Microsoft Access form in that it has text fields tied to the database, an image that...