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    Writing from DataGridView to XML

    I can successfully use the code below to import data from an XML file into a DataGridView, but now I need to be able to write the same data back out to XML. Dim xmlDatadoc As XmlDataDocument = New XmlDataDocument() xmlDatadoc.DataSet.ReadXml(OpenFD.FileName) Dim ds As DataSet = New...
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    Question Change file permission to Read & Execute

    I'm working on a program on where I need to changed the file's permissions. My problem is that I can't set the file to "Read and Execute". I can set the file into "Read" with the code below, but how about "Read and Execute"? File.SetAttributes("C:\testfolder\sample.txt"...
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    Question Help with reading and writing excel spreadsheets

    Hey i need a program that will read data from 1 column in an excel spreadsheet and then find a specific character in each record then copy all text before that character into the column next to it. for example if you had an email address like in A1 it would take all the...