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    Question Word page Ranges

    Hi Folks, This is probably the most stupid question ever posted but I have run out of things to Google and still have no idea! I have a winforms app that will open a word document and work out which pages it needs to copy, lets say it's pages 4 - 6. I intend to copy everything from those...
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    Question how do i validate textbox input against drop down list value range

    i have a drop down list with weight range values i.e 1-50 or 51-70 and so forth and i have a textbox that the user enters a value for the weight according to the weight range. i want the user to only enter a value within this range and how do i validate for this
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    Question Index Out Of Range Exception was unhandeld

    I get this error: What is wrong with my code?
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    Get a list of dates using start date and end date range

    Hi I am trying to get a list of dates from a provided StartDate and EndDate in my database, and use these dates to link to dates in a database (to display another variable on the y-axis of the chart) and to populate the x-axis of a chart (with the list of dates). Is it possible to get a list of...
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