radio button

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    Radio Button problem

    I have a sample file in which it has a browse button, a checkedlistbox, and two radio buttons. You can see the screen-shot below. Whenever I click on the browse button.... the PDF files are shown in the checked list box. Here is the code behind the browse button Private Sub...
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    Default Checked value for radiobutton based on data

    Hi, I have a radiobuttonlist and would like to have one of the radio buttons checked based on the grade a sql table. So if a student is in grade 10 then the radio button Grade 10 would be checked . Here is my radiobuttonlist: <asp:RadioButtonList ID="RadioButtonList1" runat="server"...
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    Radio button, check box, List box

    I have a question, lets say i 5 options from which the user will choose one and it later prints it out on an another form, for this case i use radio buttons, i will i make the choice display on the other form via label, so how to u do this?