1. C

    Question Is it possible to return all items in a List/Queue without Iterating over them?

    Ok, I have a very specific situation that this would be useful for. I have a DataTable with a large number of columns(200+) that I am doing a bulk insert for in SQLite, since it does not support Update Table like SQL Server does. I want to know if there is a way after I iterate over all the...
  2. rexcarnation

    Question Multi Threading httpwebrequest with Queue

    Hello, I search all day and I cannot find the answer how to multi threading with queue. So like this. I have 100 URL in datagridview on col 1, an then I want to scrape all url on the datagrid by 10 thread, so the process only 1 -10 on the datagridview list. And when one of all process (scrape)...
  3. M

    Question [2008] Problem with Nested or Multidimensional Data Structures

    Hello, Right now I'm working on parsing an XML file and storing the data I need into some form of data structure to be used in by VB.net program. Here's my code: Imports System.ComponentModel Imports System.Xml Public Class getPackageDataForm Public defaultQueue As Queue(Of String())...