1. D

    How to separate Serial Number into 4 TextBoxes

    Hello community, so this is my problem, I have 4 TextBoxes and 1 "serial number". What I want is: When the user pastes the serial number into the first TextBox, the String will be divided into 4 digits for each text box, thus leaving 16 digits in all, however, 4 in each TextBox. And finally, I...
  2. A

    Question Building pyramid Calculation

    Hello, I am trying to build a calculation that adds up the values depending on the percentage value. So if someone has 120 % attainment he gets 5250 + 1150 , if he gets 140 %, he gets pier for 100% + 120 % + 140% and so on. Goal $115,000 Net Rev Attainment Additional Money Earned...
  3. T

    Question VB.Net to VBScript

    Is it possible to convert code from to vbscript? I have, basically, a windows form in but it is only a dialog box. The dialog box just has a few labels on it, two buttons, and two textboxes. When the user hits "okay" (button) it uses the "System.IO.StreamWriter" to write a text...
  4. M

    Question Speech Recognition question

    Hey, I have been trying to create a set of grammar rules for a speech recognition program with an array, but cannot seem to accomplish this task. Here is the general idea: Dim commandlist As New Recognition.SrgsGrammar.SrgsOneOf(websites(0), websites(1), websites(2))...
  5. T

    Question windows forms app copy a file to a preset folder

    hi thanks for the help I'm writing a program and i need to have a button put a file into a folder, i know how the button works i already have it doing some other stuff. i just don't know the code to copy and past it to a folder.
  6. poncianux

    Question [Public Sub / Public Function] equals [Sub / Function] declaring a function or sub?

    Like the title, I want to know what implies to declare a function or a sub using public or directly Sub / Function i.e.: Public Function Whatever() ' Process End Function versus. Function Whatever() ' Process End Function Thanks.!
  7. S

    Question I Need Help With CheckedListBox Values

    Hey I'm doing a class project, and I keep running into issues with the checkedlistbox. So here's the scenerio: I have a form with one CheckedListBox, one button, and one textbox. I want that when you press the button that the items selected inside the CheckedListBox should be displayed...
  8. S

    Question Missing namespace

    I'm trying to make an project which generates data and then exports it to an excel spreadsheet complete with a chart representing the data. I have Office 12 (Including Excel 2007) as well as windows SDK. All the tutorials I've seen which explain how to create/modify an excel spreadsheet...
  9. B

    Question Application Validation Cannot Succeed Unable to continue Error??

    Basically i am trying to make a form which is in essence a switchboard. Just some buttons to launch some executables. Here is my code: Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click...
  10. P

    Question WM_PRINT not working correctly

    For one of my programs I need some code that will be able to capture a WebBrowser control on TabPage1 and then put that image into a PictureBox on TabPage2. I've been struggling with finding examples of how to capture hidden windows and what I did find confuses me because I am not very a very...
  11. J

    Question Help With StreamWriter

    Please could you help this code works fine: Private Sub ButtonBrowse_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ButtonBrowse.Click Call Save() End Sub Shared Sub Save() Dim Writer As StreamWriter = New...
  12. G

    Question Grabbing info from listbox into textboxes.

    Hey guys, i am currently working on a form that looks like this: When i click on any textboxes under Plan Code, the plan form will pop up. When i click on a field in lbType, field will appear in my lbCode. When i click on a field lbCode, i want to be able to insert information into the...
  13. kkemerait

    Identifying Generic Types

    Is there an alternative way to identify within a generic method the type that was passed in (of T) without having to create a bogus object and check typename? Public Shared Function Create(Of T)() As iManager(Of T) Dim BogusVar as T -- don't want to do it this way if possible to avoid...
  14. A

    Question Creating a new desktop

    Hi, I'm trying to get something done in which I've already done in vb6 (lost the code): creating a new desktop and switching to it. I have a C# code (written by somebody else, got it from which works very...