1. A

    Question How to get application's Connection for general query/DML purpose

    I am developing a Sales application with MS Access Database. I've added Data Source through wizard and created forms with Data Set. It is sometimes required to do some other query/dml inside the form code. Is it possible to use the same Connection as my application is using or I've to open a...
  2. U

    Question Queries in the IDE

    I may not be in the right place. I added an mdb file using the add new datasource. this isn't terribly complicated. there are only 3 linked tables and some SQL queries. In the IDE when I display the dataset I can see all the tables but I cannot see any of the queries. Do they get imported when...
  3. R

    Question query for getting result ?

    Can anyone help me on this please?? I am trying to make a stock exchange system based on mysql database using vb... So i am stuck on : my sql table : inProduct, OutProduct and Stock... inProduct cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date OutProcust cells > id,prodName, quantity, units, date...
  4. margzxero

    Question Listview/Query Export to Excel

    how to export listiview/quert to excel with landspace format?
  5. K

    Question help me with oracle connectivity..

    I get the following error when this code is executed Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click Dim myConnection As New OracleClient.OracleConnection("Data Source=karthi;User ID=scott;Password=tiger") Dim...
  6. J

    Question Comparing Multiple Querys

    I am using Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Access 2007 I am not sure of the best way to describe my problem, but here goes I have a query (PartsQry) in access that has 6 columns (ID, KYWD1, KYWD2, KYWD3, KYWD4, KYWD5). The KYWD columns hold various keywords that are specific to the ID. In my...
  7. E

    Question Help with database queries (Ado.Net)

    Help on how to create queries, I mean how to retrieve data from access database. I wanted to fill my dataset with my query. I wanted to query the database using the data in the inputbox in the tables listed in combobox. See attached source (VB2010) Please help.
  8. A

    SQL command or Manual Query Qustions?

    Hi guys, After getting dataset's datatable by using wizard ,we can update those tables rows or table by calling that table's adapter. Like blow: Me.Validate() Me.DepartmentBindingSource.EndEdit() Me.DesignationBindingSource.EndEdit()...
  9. D

    Question find next record button for query

    I want to add a find next button to find the next record in a query made with a find button. I am in the data list view. I have an Access database and I want the result displayed in my text boxes. Can anyone help with the code for the button?
  10. N

    Question Datareader only depth=0 but there are 2 records

    I am in a intro VB.net college class and am a little frustrated with a problem I am having using a data reader to read the result set of a query. Dim automobile As New Automobile Dim connection As OleDbConnection = PaulMeadeInsuranceDB.GetConnection Dim selectStatement As...
  11. S

    Question Return value of a LINQ query

    Hi everybody! I'm new here and I'm not a native speaker, so please don't be to severe ;). My XML source file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no" ?> <pricelist> <item> <item_no>123</item_no> <item_description> <description1>new item...
  12. N

    Access between query

    Hi, I'm trying to extract records from an access database. I pass a date to the query and i want to retrieve records where my date is between TASK_START_DATE Column and TASK_FINISH_DATE Column. Dim queryString As String = "SELECT * FROM(MSP_TASKS) " & _ "WHERE (@data BETWEEN...