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    Question deploy database - where is my path?

    guys, i am a newbie at i am using 2008, now i am having a big probLem about my Win-base appLication, i am trying to pubLish my project / make it an ".exe = executable" file, it is connected to an ACCESS DATABASE. The problem is that, after getting my application to a ".exe" form...
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    Question VB Express 2008 / SQL CE Publish Issue

    Hello, I've seen some similar threads on here but no resolution. I have an app written with VB Express 2008 which uses SQL Compact Edition 3.5, the DB that comes shipped with VB Express 2008. When I publish, I can run the app on my machine (development machine). When I try and install on...
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    Publish Crystal Report?

    Hi, I need your help. I'm trying to publish my application using the Publish tab from the Solution Explorer > Properties.. It produced the exe file and everything, and when i tried to install it in another PC, the error shows: The type initializer for...
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    Question Publish, Install - but doesn't work

    Hi, I am fairly new to programming and I am using VS express 2008. I wrote a program that builds and works find on the host machine, however when I publish and install it on another machine, the program starts but gives me an error as soon as i try to click a button... I am not...