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    Question Preventing Your Application To Be Cracked, Suggestions?

    I have tried many protectors and obfuscators on my projects but havent anyone that works well. I know there isnt any protection that cannot be cracked but there must be some that is hard = requiring alot of time for the cracker, perhaps too much time so they skip trying? Another problem with...
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    Tip Protecting your DLL's from being referenced by other than your app

    I read a nice article in CODE magazine this month by Paul Sheriff on protecting code. Nice tip on strong naming and protecting your assemblies from other users referencing your DLL's. Keep in mind this does NOT work on ASP.NET. CODE Magazine - Article: Licensing and Obfuscation
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    What can i do to prevent anyone from using my DLLs ?

    Scenario: You developing a application named "DemoSoft" which is going to be a shareware or Premium, you use different DLL's in this project and some DLL's are owned by you, they are very useful and valuable, you are selling this software and are charging the customer for what the software does...
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    Question Software application security question

    Hi everybody, New guy here... this is probably a very easy question. Would appreciate any and all opinions on how to proceed. Here goes... I have a developer writing a software application for us in Customer will purchase application from a web page, then download. Some customers...