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    exposing costituent control property

    I have a usercontrol(UCGraph2d) which contains a canvas colled pbxWork. I need to read the size from another class, so I tryed to expose like I've made before in the past, but the proprerty is not accessible. It's the first time that I target .net core, could be the iusse related? here some...
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    Question class decelerarion as array

    Hai all I have done developments using class module and property. I have done the deceleration as follows in VB6. VB6 deceleration Public BomMatList() As New MaterialList After this deceleration i use BomMatList as array as follows...
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    Question How to set and get a value from a class property within the main event of a module ?

    Hi, I started as a part-timer in my current job( developer - windows forms) 6 months ago and now I'm stuck with a major problem... My boss gave me the project he was working on, my problem there is: the project uses a submain as startup object which is located in a module, thy so the...
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    Question Property as input parameter like LINQ

    Can someone help me please, i`m looking for a way to build a filter like LINQ but i want to use it before selecting data out of the database. For building a ORM witch can be used for our business. I`m looking for a way to execute a where function for example with ObjectA.PropertyB as argument...
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    Question Adding Property to DataGridView Column

    Hello to everyone, i have created one instance of datagridview on my form(by using the designer), with some columns from a custom class (CustomDataGridViewTextBoxColumn) which inherits from the base DataGridViewTextBoxColumn class. So far i ve added one extra property on my...
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    Set property of parent class from child

    Hi, I would like to have a form class that is called from a button on a parent form and would like a button on the child form to set a property on the parent form. Can anyone explain the best way to go about this or direct me to a good article? In the parent class: Private Sub...
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    Question Object SubProperty

    I am solving a following issue: I want to create a usercontrol with properties of custom type. These properties have another properties of custom type. I found many examples of implementing such situation, but none of them seems to work properly. A change of the property value in property grid...
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    Question Dynamically added control - cannot cast!

    Hi all, I have a very simple project in VS2005, containing one page (Default.aspx) and one user-control (SingleBox.ascx). I want to dynamically add the uc to the page, then cast it and set its properties. I wrapped both page and uc with the same namespace: Page: Namespace MyNameSpace...