1. M

    Question How do I set label to be exactly 4 inches in length? + Need help with project.

    Hi everyone, I'm new the forums and new to visual studios. :welcoming: The question I posed in the title is actually one small part to a bigger specifications list I need to do for a project. So here is the project. I just need a push in the right direction. Okay so here is what I need to do...
  2. nineclicks

    Question Getting file details

    I'm trying to get file details from pictures and videos such as width and height without having to actually open the file. I plan on indexing a lot of files at once so if I could just grab the file details like the ones in a files properties menu that would help a lot. I know they are labeled...
  3. N

    Question Parameter Count Mismatch when Iterating Properties

    I have a function that I am using to iterate and display the names & values of all the properties of an object. Here is my current code: Private Function RequestFormValues(rf As NameValueCollection) As String Dim type As Type = rf.GetType() Dim properties() As System.Reflection.PropertyInfo =...
  4. V

    Question Accessing MS/Word document properties

    I am trying to access MS/Word document properties without opening the file in Word. Right now I have an app that reads the document properties but it has to open the document in word. This makes it run very slowly and also makes it susceptible to crashing if the document is corrupted. In Windows...
  5. M

    button does nothing?

    Basically im new at VB, and i have a form with 10 designated slots for letter to be entered (Like the free letter spaces on hangman), above these are 10 adjacent labels with a full stop "." as the text value, now i have created a button, Q to detect whether there is a . in the first box, and if...