1. J

    launch Paint 3d

    Hi Does anyone know how to launch the new Windows 10 Paint 3d app programmatically? I've got the code below for opening a file for the user to edit with Paint using the ProcessStartInfo class, and I'm trying to do the same with Paint 3d, which seems determined to hide its program location from...
  2. A

    Question Process.Start()

    Hey everyone! I need urgent help with this issue I am having with the process.start command. So, I have a .exe file that takes in a text file as an argument and generates another text file as an output. Now, when I am trying to access my .exe file with process.start with the text file using...
  3. Adagio

    Question Process.Start with local user

    Many times I have startet a different application from my programs with other users, but now I can't get it working with a local user Here's the situation: On a server we have created a local user (not administrator), that is allowed to run the program needed. If we log in as a different user...
  4. C

    Question process.start while impersonating

    I'm new here and I work on an application that allows the user to create hyperlinks to files. I want to be able to launch whatever application is associated with that particular file type. Process.start seems to work for this when the user has rights to the drive. However, in my application I...