1. J. Scott Elblein

    Question Run a Relative Path in Windows?

    I'm attempting to run a destination relative path from within a VB.NET app. I've made sure to use backslashes (rather than forward slashes), and also running the Process with the working directory set to the correct source path; still getting a The system cannot find the file specified error...
  2. E

    Question System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName Responding giving True, should be False

    Hi there I am making a Process watcher program that watches for a program, Excel in this instance, to be not responding. IF not responding wait for a threshhold and if threshhold met kill the process. This works most of the time.. but sometimes for some reason, i wish i knew why cause then i...
  3. W

    Question Kill Process with Part of Process Name

    I have to kill a process (an exe file) that does not have a distinctive name. All I know are the first two chars of its name for eg "3D". I have tried to use wildcards (3d*) but these do not work. I have managed to verify that the process is running but I can't figure out how to search through...
  4. poncianux

    Question [Public Sub / Public Function] equals [Sub / Function] declaring a function or sub?

    Like the title, I want to know what implies to declare a function or a sub using public or directly Sub / Function i.e.: Public Function Whatever() ' Process End Function versus. Function Whatever() ' Process End Function Thanks.!
  5. 3

    Process kill .bin

    Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load For Each RunningProcess In Process.GetProcessesByName(Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName) If (Not RunningProcess.Id = Process.GetCurrentProcess().Id) Then...
  6. W

    Question myProcess.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd Not Working

    Ok... this is driving me nuts. I have the following code that works perfectly to disable an account in active directory using DSMOD in an application. But in another application, the exact same code results in failure. I'm absolutely confused as to why it works in App A and not in App B...
  7. Adagio

    Question Process.Start with local user

    Many times I have startet a different application from my programs with other users, but now I can't get it working with a local user Here's the situation: On a server we have created a local user (not administrator), that is allowed to run the program needed. If we log in as a different user...
  8. bmw325ist

    Closing a WPF Window or Form after crossing threads?

    I want to close the main form after another process has exited if the user says yes. I have the MainWindow Class and a modProcess Class coded below. I'm using VS 2010. For whatever reason, the object Me or MainWindow is not accessible, how do I fix it? Thanks. Public Class MainWindow Dim...
  9. H

    Question Issues Running Command Prompt from Program - Help!

    I'm working on a program that relies on another program to convert some data. This other program is a command line executable. The code I'm using is as follows. Using m_process As New Process() With m_process.StartInfo .FileName = "cmd.exe"...
  10. A


    Hi, I am looking to execute an R script from VB as below. The script runs fine but the redirection doesnt seem to happen. The redirection operator and the out file seem to be treated as arguments to the R script. Is there a way to get the > operator working thanks, R dim proc as new...
  11. U

    Question Working on Anti Cheat, need help making DLL

    Introduction: I have made a simple anticheat.exe application, which runs in processes once my patcher/launcer program I also made starts up "MainClient.exe". A few problems: 1. I need tomake a DLL to make sure that the "AntiCheat.exe" process is open when the "MainClient.exe" process is. If it...
  12. S

    Question What happens to a killed process? Does it exit properly?

    I have a app that is starting up a thread that runs the standard windows defrag utility. It also gives the user the option to cancel the defrag if they want to. Problem is if the thread defrag is running on is canceled is there any data loss or does it just do the last operation and then exit...
  13. S

    Question Process Output under other user

    please move to: VB.NET General Discussion Hello, is it possibe to receive a StandardErrorOutput of a startet process if you start it under an other user? I get an error message "invaild handle". Here is my Code: Public prog As New System.Diagnostics.Process() Public Sub...