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    Question AccessViolationException was unhandled error when using PrintForm

    Hi All I'm pretty much a beginner at VB, using VS2010, and I hope someone out there can help with this extremely frustrating error. I have a pretty simple form (code below), and all I want the user to be able to do is print! Everytime the print button is clicked, a print dialog box appears...
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    Question Help with Printform / Autosize

    Hello everyone! I'm having trouble using printform to print my main form. My problem is that the form itself is too large to fit on an 8x11 page so it's only printing the top right corner. What I'm trying to do is put the form in landscape mode and either autosize the form or print the...
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    Question Printform component problem in Printing forms

    Hello i have used a to print a BILL module ( where many text box controls with prefilled time & date ,some filled data from database server others fields are manulally filled by the user) then if the user click the print button then it prints using PRINTFORM component.Here comes the issue it...