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    Question PrintPage: DrawString from Function. How to create Graphics from Function?

    Hi! I'm using a PrintDocument to create a report and I need to create a line from a function. I'm doing this: Private Sub Crate_String(ByVal Str As String) Dim gr As Graphics gr.DrawString(str, Font, Brushes.Black, x, y) end sub But give error with the graphics object: It says to use the...
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    Need help with PrintDocument

    Hi everyone... I am stuck and need some guidance on using print document. We are building a windows app in and VS 2008. My requirments initially were to print the in focus form and scale based on printer settings. Then a change came back and now they want the entire app window, so if...
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    Question Printing to Epson TM-T88III receipt printer with printer native fonts

    I am trying to write to Epson TM-T88III receipt printer using 2005. I am using PrintDocument class. Using system fonts is too slow to print so I wanted to use printer native fonts. But my application replaces the printer fonts with system fonts when I try to print. Here is the code: 'to...