1. J

    Printing Datagrid

    Hello guys , i'm new to here i was trying to print all data in Datagridview , i searched a lot and i came across code below , i just don't know what coder means by queryform , any help will be thankful '在按钮事件里调用print 类的方法'如: '调用打印 queryform.DataGrid1.DataSource =...
  2. Neodynamic

    How to directly Print Word docs without Preview or Printer Dialog from ASP.NET

    In this walkthrough, you'll learn how to print any MS Word document (*.doc; *.docx) from an ASP.NET website to the client printer without displaying a print dialog. You'll be able to print the Word doc to the Default client printer as well as to any other installed printer at the client...
  3. Neodynamic

    How to Directly Print a Crystal Reports to Default Client Printer from ASP.NET withou

    How to Directly Print a Crystal Reports to Default Client Printer from ASP.NET without Preview or Printer Dialog In this walkthrough, you'll learn how to directly print a Crystal Reports (RPT file) to the Default Client printer from an ASP.NET website without preview! In fact, you'll be able to...
  4. Neodynamic

    How to add Cross-Browser Printing to ASP.NET ReportViewer toolbar

    Overview By default, the ASP.NET ReportViewer control enables client-side printing when the user browser is Internet Explorer only. If the user opens to the report page through Firefox or Chrome, then ReportViewer will hide the Print button from the toolbar. This happens because the built-in...
  5. Neodynamic

    How to Print an ASP.NET Local Report RDLC without Preview or Printer Dialog

    In this walkthrough, you'll learn how to print a Local Report (RDLC) from an ASP.NET website to the client printer without previewing the report through Visual Studio ReportViewer control. In fact, you'll be able to print the RDLC report without displaying any Printer Dialog at all! And one...
  6. Neodynamic

    Neodynamic WebClientPrint 1.0 for ASP.NET released!

    Neodynamic is proud to announce the availability of WebClientPrint for ASP.NET! WebClientPrint for ASP.NET is a lightweight and plugin-free solution for Client-side Raw Printing scenarios for Windows clients, exclusively designed for ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC website projects. With our...
  7. 1

    Printing a form panel

    Hello, I came across this code online that helped me with printing a panel in my winform. <System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport("gdi32.dll")> _ Public Shared Function BitBlt(ByVal hdcDest As IntPtr, ByVal nXDest As Integer, ByVal nYDest As Integer, ByVal nWidth As Integer, ByVal...
  8. S

    Need help with PrintDocument

    Hi everyone... I am stuck and need some guidance on using print document. We are building a windows app in and VS 2008. My requirments initially were to print the in focus form and scale based on printer settings. Then a change came back and now they want the entire app window, so if...
  9. J

    Question Help with Printform / Autosize

    Hello everyone! I'm having trouble using printform to print my main form. My problem is that the form itself is too large to fit on an 8x11 page so it's only printing the top right corner. What I'm trying to do is put the form in landscape mode and either autosize the form or print the...
  10. D

    Question Print from rich text box

    I have a rich text box, "RichTextBox1", and a print document, "PrintDocument1". How do I connect the text box with the print document so that the print document is the text of the text box? I have already set up my print dialog, but I just haven't found how to set up the document yet. Please...
  11. S

    Question Visual Basic: How to print the text from a list box

    i have made a basic program for college which makes a calculation and diplays the information in a listbox, how do i then print that text? :D really appreciate any help
  12. G

    Question How to print tabpage silently

    I am not sure if this fits in some other forum thread but here goes... I have an application in which I open larger number of files create a specific report (I fill in values in a usercontrol with 3 tabpages and some textboxes labels and graph on each of them) for each and would like to print...
  13. D

    Question Print the form?

    Hi im a complete beginner at this and i need to know if i can print the form in 2003? If you know how to do this please tell me. Thanks.
  14. Neodynamic

    How to print images, pictures, texts and high quality barcodes using VB.NET

    Prerequisites - Neodynamic Barcode Professional 6.0 for Windows Forms (WinControl) - Microsoft .NET Framework (any version) - Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (any version) or Microsoft Visual Basic Express or Visual C# Express Editions In this guide you will learn how to print images or...
  15. C

    Question Why the receipt didn't print like what I want ??

    Hi all, I got a problem. I'm making a small POS program. I'm using EPSON TM-U220 Printer for receipt printer. There's a few fonts that the driver gives : FontA11, FontA12, FontA11[254], FontB11, control, controlA, etc.. I use FontA11. When I tried to print it with Ms. Word, it printed...
  16. C

    Question need help about setting margins at print time

    i need to set the margins at print time this way: if the user selects an option (checkbox) the margins of the richtextbox (page configuration) need to be mirrored (or asymmetric..) (eg. page 1: left margin 4cm - right margin 2cm, page 2: left 2cm - right 4cm and so on) i know Word has a feature...
  17. H

    Question Printing Rich Text Boxes

    I have made a text editor, how can i add a print function. I have tried several, but they are all buggy, and dont function properly. How can i print all the lines including enters and new lines? Thanks
  18. Neodynamic

    How to print barcode images with Barcode Professional SDK for .NET

    As you probably already know, most printing jobs within .NET Framework are performed by using the PrintDocument class under System.Drawing.Printing namespace. The PrintDocument class is used to set the properties that describe what and where to print content such us strings, images and so on...
  19. D

    Question Printform component problem in Printing forms

    Hello i have used a to print a BILL module ( where many text box controls with prefilled time & date ,some filled data from database server others fields are manulally filled by the user) then if the user click the print button then it prints using PRINTFORM component.Here comes the issue it...
  20. Guy Boyangu

    Using PrintDocument to print Alpha-Blended GDI+ Graphics

    Hi There, I've been trying to use the Graphics instance generated by the PrintDocument to render Alpha Blending graphical objects (i/e rectangle filled with Brush=100,255,0,0) - but without any luck, they all appear.... defected in a way, can't really point the finger on whats going on there...