1. rachaels

    Need 5 VB.NET developers. 3+Month contract in Oakbrook, IL - plan on extension

    This role will be responsible for the development, testing, deployment and maintenance of n-Tier business applications created in Visual Basic.Net and Visual Studio 2008/2010. We are looking for individuals who enjoy a collaborative work environment and have a strong passion for technology. The...
  2. U

    Open form on second monitor

    I have this application (build with vb 2010, .net 4.0) and when I click on the show second screen button, it should open a second form on the second monitor (beamer, or whatever) and when no second monitor available message displayed. But at this moment the second form opens still on the 1...
  3. S

    Question Form BackgroundImage position

    Hi all, is there a way to put image in lower right corner of form by using BackgroundImage? sisquo76
  4. B

    DataGrid Column Position

    Hello, I have a datagrid in my project and I want to place label controls above each of its columns and those labels should stay above each column even when I resize columns. I need something like "Datagrid.Columns(i).Left", but of course there is no such property. Is there a way to obtain such...
  5. S

    TreeView Scroll Position Get and Set

    I used a treeview with scrollable property true. Firstly I generated the treeview. Then I selected a treenode as : dim node as TreeNode node=treeview1.Nodes(1) After that I refresh the treeview in a structured way, like Expanded node as expanded and Collapsed as collapsed. Then I need to keep...