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    Save Picturebox1 + button1 as image?

    Hey guys, i am making a button maker to learn about img formats i already got down the part of saving the picturebox, but is there any way to save the button with imagebox as a picture?
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    Question converting HTML to a .png file

    Hi, I have a task thrown my way to use to convert a HTML document to a .png (image format) programatically. I have sniffed about the net and found there are several 3rd party products that can do that sort of thing, so I see it can be done. Does anyone out there know of fairly simple way...
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    Question How to detect transparency index or flag for a GIF or PNG image?

    Okay I'm loading a GIF or PNG with Dim Img1 as Image = Image.FromFile(FileName$) Then, according to msdn, I should be able to retrieve the transparency index by doing the following: TransparencyIndex = Img1.GetPropertyItem(&h5104).Value(0) &h5104 corresponds to the property item for the...
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