1. J

    Question making a 'multiple swf '- player

    I want to make a program to play multiple swf-files after eachother in a loop. I'll be putting them all in a folder and then the prgm needs to play all the files in the folder. Until now i just use a timer to play a file but the times can change now. So is there an easier way to play all those...
  2. liuzewei

    Question My first application (loop problem & hint for next feature needed)

    hello community! i am new to VB and i try to create my first application to automate some clicks on a facebook game. (sorry for my bad english, my last lesson in school was in 1995) My first problem is a loop: I created a recorder function, but if i activate my loop it loops endless (should...
  3. efadrian

    Question play a video stream

    Hi, I use visual studio 2008; 1. I like to play in stream in the format: rtmp:// What component can I use? Is there a way to play it in the windows media player? 2. I have added the AxTVOnline.Axlmntopen component witch is a Soap Client player... how...
  4. I

    ASP.NET | Image from Database

    Hey guys. Well, I have a DataBase, with a column called PlayerPhoto, it is a varchar(50) type. It saves the location of the photo of the player. Well, in Players.aspx page, I have one table, showing player details (age, country, position, etc | all stored in db), and I want it to show player's...