1. Thonord

    Question Locate color within a rectangle using a Graphics object.

    Hi, I'm an old retired Clipperhead, now a hobby VB programmer (starting from VB3). I am managing til conversion to .NET pretty well on my own, but I find myself often doing things "the old way" instead of using the vast resources in .NET. As an example, I would scan an area of a bitmap pixel by...
  2. Apocalyptic

    Question Pixel Colors, take a pixel from the screen!

    Yeh I know it's so trivial but I'm trying to do it since a lot of time in VB 2005 Express Edition. Let me explain: I need to make an easy output of a specific color on my whole screen. For example: I have a Form with -btnSearch -txtX -txtY -lblColor When I press 'btnSearch', it takes the...