1. Runescope

    Question Putting multiple texts into an image.

    What I have is a couple hundred patterns that I want to paste or insert or what have you onto a picturebox at a particular spot. I can get the pattern to show up where I click with no problem. What I can't do though is get more than one pattern to show up in the picturebox. Every time I click...
  2. N

    Question numerous pictureboxes overlaying

    Okay so I have built an image generator in VB NET and this may sound stupid but I need to know how to export/save the final image but my problem is that I have one main image as the background in a picturebox element and then numerous pictureboxes overlaying it with the generated content, how do...
  3. S

    Question Problem creating a new picturebox..

    Public Sub NewPic(ByVal LocX As Integer, ByVal LocY As Integer, ByVal Layer As Integer, ByVal LoadPicture As String, ByVal ImgHeight As Integer, ByVal ImgWidth As Integer, ByVal Initvis As Boolean) BG(Layer).Location = New Drawing.Point(LocX, LocY) BG(Layer).Image =...
  4. D

    Question Drawing rectangle on picturebox - how to limit area of rectangle?

    I have been trying to calculate the right side of my rectangle so that it avoids mouse going over a specific area within a picture box. This works fine when zoom factor is 1, after zoom is increased right side becomes smaller than the Picturebox's width hence I can not move the mouse over the...
  5. S

    Question Picturebox image without locking file?

    Hi guys, i have a picturebox on my program that will load a picture from file every 10 seconds (C:\Picture1.png), i have another program capturing a picture and saving it to the same location, my first app captures fine and saves it, and the second program loads the picture but when the first...
  6. C

    Save Picturebox1 + button1 as image?

    Hey guys, i am making a button maker to learn about img formats i already got down the part of saving the picturebox, but is there any way to save the button with imagebox as a picture?
  7. edinet

    Question picturebox,browse preview and save to the form..?

    how to create an form ,,,browse for image ,,,preview ,,and save to the form picturebox (not to pc),,,
  8. G

    Question Creating pictureBox Array at run time

    I've poked around the internet and this forum and can't get a clear answer to this: I'm trying to get an array of pictureBox(es) to appear on the form. Nothing I try seems to work, so.. any help would be appreciated. I va esomething like this: Dim invaders(4) As PictureBox...
  9. I

    Image rotation in a picturebox.

    Hi, I am making a game which requires the rotation of a .gif image within a picturebox. At the moment, I have programmed the form so that when the right arrow key is pressed, the image is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. However, after coding this event, nothing happens at all. Here is my code...
  10. I

    2D Tank Game Development

    Hi, I am relatively new to the world of VB.NET programming and so I would much appreciate any help on the following subject: I have been asked to create my own version of a currently popular online game called tank trouble; visit the following link to play the game: TANK TROUBLE Tank Game...
  11. J

    File Preview

    hi, I was wondering if it possible to create a file preview window in a picture box by passing in the file name maybe displaying a default image where no preview is possible. ?? The list of file are displayed in a datagridview and i would pass the file path to the solution. not even sure...
  12. N

    Question Adding an event to a picturebox

    For Each pb As PictureBox In Me.Controls.OfType(Of PictureBox)().Except(New PictureBox() {PictureBox1, PictureBox2}) If PictureBox1.Bounds.IntersectsWith(pb.Bounds) Then MsgBox("ok") End If How can i add an event to the picturebox that intersects with...
  13. unique.suren

    How to move, zoom in-out a picturebox runtime?

    Hi, How i can move,zoom in-out the picturebox during runtime on a form or groupbox? If anybody can provide me code...i'll be very grateful to him/her... Thanx in advance...
  14. M

    Help with PictureBoxes

    Hi I'm pretty new to using VB and needed some help with a project I'm working on. I'm trying to create a virtual piano using pictureboxes to represent keys that play .wav file versions of notes. I've gotten this to work fine; however, I'm having trouble with two features I want to implement...
  15. A

    Question How to move a picture box according to a result (Calculator)

    Hi, Ive made a calculator that estimates how high a model rocket will go. I was intending on making a simulation that will show you visually how high it will go. (Little rocket image goes up and stops at estimated hight) I know how to make a picture box move and everything, but i can only make...
  16. R

    DrawRectangle on Picturebox not working

    I've coded a project to use a webcam for motion tracking (like many others). I use avicap32.dll and receive images happily at 640x480 i then grab a frame for reference then grab another frame and difference them to produce a black and white picturebox (picture4) I then use this picture to create...
  17. N

    Fill PictureBox for each pixel with BackgroundWorker

    Hey, I need Help, I write this code: ' This calling the BackgroundWorker Private Sub Button1_Click() Handles Button1.Click BW.RunWorkerAsync() End Sub Private Sub BW_DoWork() Handles BW.DoWork For y = 0 To Bmp.Height - 1 For x = 0 To Bmp.Width - 1...
  18. F

    Question PictureBox control and .NEF images

    I've got some RAW images from several Nikon D90 cameras. They come in NEF format (extension), I can open them with Photoshop. If I try to load one in a PictureBox control with .Load() method I receive an ArgumentException. However, Image.fromFile() gives 'out of memory'. How can I display those...
  19. M

    Transparent Picture Box

    Hi to all, I need to display a arrow picture over another picture. But i cant able to make arrow picture transparent other than the arrow. Always it is in rectangle format(Picture box). I tried the picture box color to transparent, But that doesn't worked. A separate user control for displaying...
  20. T

    Picturebox Arrays?

    Hi All I have a quick question regarding multiple picture boxes. I am trying to design a basic version of spaceinvaders. I have 6 pictureboxes on my form and the idea is to add a value to the picbox.top property that moves the boxes down at a certain time and speed that i have set in my timer...
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