1. F

    Converting images, overwrite option help

    Good afternoon everyone :) I'm working on a program that converts images, and it works fine. I'm currently working on a piece of code that tells what to do when the file already exists. The situation:I got the converting system in the main form (form1), then i got a second form (instellingen)...
  2. T

    Question How to change the picture of a button while it is clicked

    I have a button on my web browser, I want the picture to change while I am clicking it. I have no idea how to do this and would greatly appreciate if somebody could tell me how I go about making this happen.
  3. F

    advanced image conversion help

    currently i have this piece of code, but regardless of howmany attempts i do in modifying it, it doesn't work, and when it does: i get the same quality image over and over... here is my piece of code: (it doesn't give errors, but im sure it is not good, and i can't seem to find the solution for...
  4. T

    Question How to screen detection?

    Hello! I am making a program and I need to know how to detect if certain image on screen. I have saved some picture and if it see's it on screen i want to do something like make msgbox.
  5. M

    Question Visual Basic 2008 Setting image background color

    I am doing a project for my Computer Science class and need help on how to make a picture have a transparent background. As of right now, I am having the picture be stored as a Bitmap and setting the white color attribute of the bitmap to transparent; then drawing the bitmap. It works and...
  6. C

    Image Recognition/Compare

    Im gonna make a program to a webbrowser game. There is a captcha, there with pictures of cars. i need to compare these two pictures and i want the result of equalnes in PERCENT. So if the picture are 75% equal then it click on the picture. 1. 2.
  7. Max D

    AccessImagine - make inserting pictures in your app or DB easy

    You often need users to provide some pictures to your application – even if it is not database-driven. Its quite time-consuming task to develop a good functionality for end users – and you leave it at some basical stage (like “press-a-button...
  8. Jamie2993

    Resolved Screenshot location?

    Hi All, Im trying to make my little project take a screenshot(which ive done). But i cant seem to get a location set, my code: Dim ScreenSize As Size = New Size(Form1.WebBrowser1.Width, Form1.WebBrowser1.Height) Dim screenGrab As New Bitmap(Form1.WebBrowser1.Width...