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    Question Recursive searching

    ok so basicly ive been attempting to make an application in wich the user puts a file path into a textbox and then clicks a button and the all the subdirectories adn the subdirectories of the subdirectories of the subdirectories etc... are added to a listbox below. It all seems to be working...
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    Question Get bounds of GraphicsPath

    Hi, I wonder if there is a way I can get the REAL bounding rectangle for a graphicspath, for example a path consisting from one or more bezier curves. The bezier curves in the path have control points and the function .GetBounds takes these points in account. But I only want to get the bounds...
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    Question file name too long

    Hello everyone I am reading filenames and some details recursively, starting from a user selected folder. Dim Path As New DirectoryInfo(NewPath) Dim File As FileInfo ' Get details for each file For Each File In Path.GetFiles ... Next I tried scanning an entire drive to test the code and...