1. sterjo

    Question How to change parent nodes in xml

    I have an xml file that looks like this <Operation ID="450"> <Form ID="36" xsi:type="form-36"> <AOP ID="1" Current="0" Previous="317200" xsi:type="aop-form-35" /> </Form> <Form ID="36" xsi:type="form-36"> <AOP ID="1" Current="0" Previous="317200" xsi:type="aop-form-36" />...
  2. B

    Question how do i disable mdi menu item when a form loads and enable it when it closes

    how do i disable the menu items on mdi parent form when i open a child form and enable them when i close the form. i am trying to enable only one form from opening at a time. i have used .showdialog on some forms and its working perfectly, but on this one i have a button that opens another form...
  3. HichamDotNet

    Expand a TreeView at a specific child node

    Hi, I have a TreeView with [C:] drive folders hierarchy How can I make the TreeView expand to DESKTOP folder by code at Form Load Thank you for your help
  4. G

    Set property of parent class from child

    Hi, I would like to have a form class that is called from a button on a parent form and would like a button on the child form to set a property on the parent form. Can anyone explain the best way to go about this or direct me to a good article? In the parent class: Private Sub...
  5. hallipr

    Question Controlling Standard Parent / Children Object Relationships

    In the past, I have relied on Datasets, LINQ, or other various designers to define my classes and haven't ventured too far into custom classes and collections from scratch, other than simple classes. I would like to at least understand the basics of the standard Parent.Children collection and...
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