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    How to get a DataTable using parameters?

    I saw another post where jmcilhinney graciously helped another programmer with fixing a coding issue and suggested using parameters. The link to his blog in his post was very helpful and I'm trying to change my code in to use parameters instead of the previous method. In my previous method, I...
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    Question Passing parameters into an SQL Query

    I have a database setup and connected as a datasource for use in a simple shop system. The way that i have it is that when the form loads it loads the stock levels of each item into variables, then when an order has been filled update said variables. Then on exiting the form i want it to...
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    Question Export Crystal Report to PDF file - causes CR Params Dialog Popup in CmdLineApp

    Command Line Project: Export crystal report to file in pdf/excel/word format & optionally email it. Command line args incl input parameters for the crystal report. VB6 being converted to using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition. Creator has since left & I need to fix/edit the application...
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    Question How to use a form control to provide a query variable?

    I am new to Visual Studio. I have a VS project connected to a Microsoft Access 2007 database (flex.accdb). I am using VS 2005. Old but good! I have created a windows form (form1) that includes a control that contains the network user name (from environment.username). Form1 also contains a...
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    embed parameters in exe?

    Hi, I am developing a Windows Forms application in VB2008 Express that I want to run directly of the Internet and optionally off-line on another computer (e.g. using a USB stick), without any installation/setup. However I need to pass 2 parameters to it: the language as selected on the website...
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    DataGridView & DataSet with Parameters

    Using DataSets, DataAdaptors and BindingSources I have 3 DataGrids with 3 Tables with relationships table-1 is a 1-many relation to table-2 table-1 is a 1-many relation to table-3 here's the twist, table-2 has a relationship with nulls on table-3, so that table-3 always has the id of table-1...