1. J

    launch Paint 3d

    Hi Does anyone know how to launch the new Windows 10 Paint 3d app programmatically? I've got the code below for opening a file for the user to edit with Paint using the ProcessStartInfo class, and I'm trying to do the same with Paint 3d, which seems determined to hide its program location from...
  2. S

    Question Problem with saving my picturebox in my paint program

    Hello people, I need some help with my paint program, I want to save my edited picturebox into a jpeg file but when I try to do it I get an error. I have read on another forum that i can't save my picturebox edited with brushes and that I need to make graphics instead but I don't know how to do...
  3. martinandrovich

    DirectX Free Hand Drawing

    Hello forum, I wonder, if there is any way I can use DirectX to do Free Hand Drawing on a PictureBox or etc? I need to use some hardware accelerated graphics, to quickly paint on the PictureBox. A "simple" GDI+ Drawing isn't fast enough for me :( Any suggestions?
  4. martinandrovich

    Question Faster Paint Software

    Hello forum, I have created a paint program, which I use with a SmartBoard to draw on. But when I draw, it reacts much slower than a usual Paint Program (MSPaint). I have a PictureBox which I draw on,to capture the mouse path. Every time the mouse is moved, the path is added to the "mousePath"...
  5. M

    How to Paint OVER (Above) a ListView

    I have a listview with images. I want to cross out the images by painting an X over them (rather than having to use a images with the X already there). I am using the form paint event to paint them in. When I try this, the X's are being painted underneath the listview. I have tried sending...