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    Resolved How to use .PaintPicture in VB.NET?

    Im working on my assignment, camera, and i dont know how to use the .PaintPicture or something. im stuck. what i like is to get the image inside the rectangleshape1 (fix size) of VideoSourcePlayer1 and paste the image to picturebox2. (i hope you get it, im bad at explaining things) please see...
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    Question Prevent Child Control Redraw when ALT or TAB Key is Pressed

    Hello, I am programming an application in VB.NET that makes use of a custom control (inherited from Windows.Forms.UserControl), which uses its Paint event (or rather MyBase.Paint) to graph mathematical equations that the user can enter. My problem is that, when the user presses the Tab or Alt...
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    User control location

    I have a user control (that displays some basic information about some events) called AE. I have another user control called CTCAE containing a panel that I wish to populate with the AEs. Within each AE is a tablelayoutpanel control, and within each cell of this is a label. The labels are...
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