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    Question Video displaying and overlays with IP cameras

    Hello, I'm new to the forums, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place or for anything else that may be wrong. It is kind of a broad question, so this seemed like the right place to put it. I am having a problem with working with video. I have a relatively simple concept; basically, I...
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    How to Paint OVER (Above) a ListView

    I have a listview with images. I want to cross out the images by painting an X over them (rather than having to use a images with the X already there). I am using the form paint event to paint them in. When I try this, the X's are being painted underneath the listview. I have tried sending...
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    Question Overlay like xfire?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, i want to control my Windows Media player from Inside fullscreen applications & games, xfire does this great, for communicating with friends, etc. but i want just a "skip backwards" and "skip forward" button...
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