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    Controlling a console application output

    I know this is how you can retrieve the exit status of a console application: Dim CFVProcess As New System.Diagnostics.Process CFVProcess.StartInfo.FileName = "CMD" CFVProcess.StartInfo.Arguments = "/C CFV -T C:\Verify.sfv" CFVProcess.Start() CFVProcess.WaitForExit()...
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    Hi, I am looking to execute an R script from VB as below. The script runs fine but the redirection doesnt seem to happen. The redirection operator and the out file seem to be treated as arguments to the R script. Is there a way to get the > operator working thanks, R dim proc as new...
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    Question Process Output under other user

    please move to: VB.NET General Discussion Hello, is it possibe to receive a StandardErrorOutput of a startet process if you start it under an other user? I get an error message "invaild handle". Here is my Code: Public prog As New System.Diagnostics.Process() Public Sub...