1. D

    Question VS2013 Table Adapter Syntax Error: Expecting identifier or quoted identifier

    If I am posting this is the wrong area, I apologize. I am trying to add a table adapter to one of my datasets. The dataset has oracle as its datasource using ODP.NET. When I put in the query (which works elsewhere) I get this error (Syntax Error: Expecting identifier or quoted identifier)...
  2. J

    ORA-00936: missing expression

    So below is the code I wrote yesterday. I don't often work in VB and I haven't had to insert a BLOB before. However, the error at least at this moment isn't BLOB specific but syntax. I'm getting the error from Oracle - 'Missing expression' I can't see what's missing but honestly I've been...
  3. A

    Question perform bulk insert

    Hi, currently I have text file showing as this Class_ID, USER_ID, SOURCE_NO 10001:A01:AAA01 10002:A02:AAA01 10003:A03:AAA01 10004:A04:AAA01 10005:A05:AAA02 <-- this is wrong, I need to compare within text file as well. Did anyone know how to bulk insert the data I read from text file? it many...
  4. J

    Senior Developer (C# .NET) with PL/SQL experience needed in Houston, TX

    Seeking a Senior Developer with Oracle backend experience for a contract-to-hire position with a gas & oil company in Houston, TX. Please submit resumes to IN-PERSON interview required. Enterprise Senior Developer: The position is a programming role with a heavy...
  5. C

    Oracle Primary Key Question

    I am having some difficulty coming up with a clean design for inserting new records into an oracle database using VS 2008, Datasets and the TableAdapterManager. The Primary Key of the Oracle table is ID and is defined as a number. My original intention was to create a Before Insert trigger...
  6. theAsocialApe

    Question OracleParameter.ParameterName

    does anyone know how to call an oracle procedure without the parametername? ---- We've got some oracle packages that take like 15 parameters. I'm sick of doing this Dim pc As New OracleParameterCollection and then typing Dim a As New OracleParameter("p1", OracleType.Number)...