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  1. D

    Question open text files with my notepad...

    hi everybody, i created my own notepad and it can open files with openFileDialog. but i also want that if i select a text file, and i say "open with" my notepad... that my notepad will show that text file... so not with openFileDialog or someting like that... Thanks!
  2. jaksel

    Question Open file in dafault brower

    This code I know: System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("") My situation is a little different. In my VB.NET project, I have imported (or created) a website that is contained in a folder named SAHelp. The idea is to have a local website installed to the user's computer so...
  3. Y

    how to open file through access data grid

    i have designed file search engine in i used access data base how can i open files in data grid