1. R

    Question How to start exporting data to an excel file from a particular row of excel sheet?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to export the data to an excel file which has a template like this: I want the data to be inserted from the 3rd row without affecting first two rows same as here But in the actual output first row is being overwritten by column names and data is inserted from...
  2. R

    Question How to apply template on excel file exported using oledb ?

    Hi, I have exported data into excel file using oledb since I cannot use interop or any third party library. Here is my code ''' <summary> ''' Export datagridview's data contained in an data table to excel file ''' </summary> ''' <param name="dataTable">DataGridView's datatable</param> '''...
  3. N

    OleDbException Unhandled (No value given for one or more required parameters.)

    Hello ! I am making a project on Railway reservation system in which I want the user should have access to his booking history . In my project , many people can have accounts . A user can also view his booking history . So , for that a user enters his phone number and that number will be used...
  4. K

    Question linking to paradox

    Hi, I try to read a paradox database from VB.NET. My code used to work fine on my previous PC (winXP, 32bit). I now have a Win7, 64 bit laptop and the same code yields this error message (trying to access the same data): "External table is not in the expected format" These are some lines of...
  5. luigi.freguglia

    Question Weird behavior with SQL UPDATE statement on DBF

    Hello, i'm really stuck on a apparently simple statement. I'm working on a DBF table. When I open the file in a program called "DBF Viewer 2000", it states that the file is a "FoxBase+/dBASE III PLUSE, no memo". If i run this VB.NET code Dim ConnectionString As String =...
  6. Satal Keto

    OleDbDataReader from Excel gives blank line

    Hi, I am creating an application which uses OleDb to connect to an Excel spreadsheet and read the data into DataTable. The problem that I am having is that some of the columns I am getting are coming up blank, I've managed to narrow down that this is because that the first few lines for that...
  7. P

    Question No value given for one or more required parameters on join

    :confused:Hello All, I have the following SQL query that runs against an Excel datasource and I'm getting the infamous "No value given for one or more required parameters" because of a join. It's erroring on the where t1.[trnVendorName] = v.[Vendor] part. It is acting like it can't see the...
  8. thejeraldo

    oledbdatareader vs dataset?

    hi guys. i'm just new here at vb.net forums. so this is my first post here. hope this one will be helpful to me and i hope that i can help others too someday. i just graduated from college and i've studied VB6 at school but not that deep. now, i'm currently learning vb.net. i have a company...
  9. S

    Multiple LIKE clauses

    Hi, I am trying to return results from an ACCESS database using ASP where all of the search terms are in one of the fields. The query I am using is: SELECT photos.photoid, photos.landscape FROM photos INNER JOIN tblKeywords ON photos.photoid = tblKeywords.photoid WHERE gwlad = true AND...