1. Hytek

    Question ASP.NET ODBC Query with String parameter

    I am using a tableadapter to query a database using ODBC. The query is being created by the VS2015 Query Builder. If I make the SQL statement with a variable parameter then the result comes back blank. If I replace the parameter (the question-mark) with a hardcoded parameter then the result...
  2. C

    Question Validating data before executing multi looped query?

    I wrote a VB.NET 2010 application that writes to a MS Access DB via an ODBC connection. This application is intended to take the place of the paper based Non Product PO system. The functionality in question works as follows: A user opens the program to a blank PO form. They can search for an...
  3. D

    connection string builder help

    So i have a connection string saved in my visual studio application settings. It does not include a user name or password. It is an odbc oracle connection. In my code, i need to do some in code construction. I need to append the user id and pw to the connection string from the login form. I...
  4. D

    Question How to create a Upgrade Project

    I have a question for many years.. Suppose if I Deployed a project using Setup Project. After some time, I added some features or modify it on customer demand. 1) How do I make a upgrade project so that the user runs the setup and the new changes are upgraded on the client system. 2) How do...
  5. S

    Question Connecting to ODBC then parsing data, then viewing in datagridview

    Hey, so I am a new programmer, and I am trying to receive data from an odbc connection. I would like this data to be filtered before it comes in, and then I would like to view it in a datadgrigview. Below is some code I adapted from an example and it is getting an error that reads: ERROR...
  6. T

    How do I access iSeries db with ODBC

    I am developing for Pocket PC 2003 in VS 2008 and I am unable to create a data connection to an iSeries db with odbc. Does the compact framework support odbc? If not what are my options to connect? Thanks in advance!
  7. R

    Question DBF files with apostrophes in data

    Good day. I'm working on a project involving reading data from DBF files. Everything was going on just fine until I discovered the client has apostrophes in some of the columns. Due to some 15,000 records already existing, I've been asked to try to work around it rather than make them fix up...